Relocation of services from King’s Rise Centre

As some of you may be aware at the end of the summer term, Rise will be moving out of the Kings Rise Centre due to a reduction in our funding. All staff that are currently based in that building will now be relocating to our Spring Rise Centre at Frogwell. All of the sessions that currently run out of the Kings building will be relocated to our RISE Hub at Charter School from September. We want to cause as little disruption as possible, but some changes to sessions may be necessary. Once everything is confirmed we will post about the changes to notify parents in advance.

There will be no sessions running at Kings from Monday 22nd July 19 apart from Mum2Mum (Breastfeeding group) and Health Visitor Clinic. This is to allow time for the Rise staff to move things out of the Kings building. Over the Summer Holidays, staff will be getting things set up ready for September so Charter will be closed during this time. For this period, we are looking at a different venue for Mum2Mum (Breastfeeding group) and Health Visitor Clinic. Again once confirmed we will update people.

Sorry in advance for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

If you have any questions, please contact Leona Smith on 01249463040 or

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