Mentor Me

Mentoring in Primary and Secondary Schools

The RISE Trust runs the volunteer ‘Mentor Me’ programme in Chippenham both in primary and secondary schools which has delivered very positive results. This free service to schools provides valuable one-to-one adult interaction to pupils.  A referral for mentoring is made to the Trust by a school.

  • A volunteer mentor is seen as a ‘neutral’ and the child can talk without being judged.
  • Mentoring is about building a relationship of trust and respect, and then journeying with the child.
  • A mentoring session consists of chatting, playing a game or doing an arts and craft activity but often the student wants to talk about their feelings and worries.
  • Mentors provide a listening ear to the children.
  • Mentors are not counsellors, and cannot make decisions for the students.
  • The mentoring sessions take place in school for typically 45 minutes weekly.

For more information on becoming a mentor please contact:

Fay Norris
Tel:   01249 445288