Parenting Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops to help parents including

  • Webster Stratton – a twelve week course to help you parent successfully

For Webster Stratton courses contact Debbie for more information on course dates and availability.
Tel 01249 445 288

  • Challenging Behaviour – helping you to cope with whatever happens

Challenging behaviour courses


  • New – Dadpad – top tips for new dads

The DadPad is a brand new online resource for all first-time dads in Wiltshire.

Babies don’t come with a set of instructions, so if you’re a new dad who would like more information on how to care for your baby and what to expect as a first-time dad, download the Dadpad This essential guide provides tips on everything from caring for a crying baby and how babies like to be held, to how you can support your partner with breastfeeding and how to survive with little sleep.