We are here for YOU!

Did you know that The RISE Children’s Centres are here for you while you have a family and bring them up? From pregnancy, through pre-school years, into school and beyond we will help you give your child the best possible start in life.

We can answer your questions and if we can’t, we will find someone who can!

Whatever issues parents, grandparents and carers are dealing with – we are your first port of call for help.

Feeling lonely because you have just had a baby?

– Join a Children’s Centre group and meet other parents just like you.

Feeling worried that your children are not doing what you think they should be doing by now?

– Call us and we will listen to you and help you.

Do you need some hints and tips to make parenting easier?

– Sign up for our Parenting Course and we can share the experiences hints and tips to make things easier.

Are you a parent struggling with family relationships? Contact us and we will help and support you.

RISE Children’s Centres – The Facts

The RISE Children’s Centres are a ‘one stop shop’ for children under twelve and their families.

We provide a range of support from caring, skilled, committed and enthusiastic staff and we are always happy to help you.

We are open Monday to Friday 09.00 to 15.00.

You can come to us for:

  • Pre-school care for children aged 2-5
  • Play and learning sessions
  • Helpful advice on healthier lifestyles, parenting and family support
  • Brushing up on your skills and learning new ones
  • Family visiting support, links to training and job opportunities
  • Lots of family fun activities and you could meet or make new friends
  • Health Visitor Drop-in clinics

Children’s Centre services are free (services provided by external contractors may be charged for).

Lots of parents and children in Wiltshire are already benefitting from our services. Come and join them!

What do we do?

We provide a variety of services to support parents, grandparents and carers. There is somewhere:

  • your child can make friends and learn as they play,
  • you can get professional advice on health and family matters
  • you can learn about training and job opportunities

We provide:

  • Lots of advice and information on being a new mum (weaning, sleeping, breastfeeding etc.) including Ante-Natal and Postnatal Groups
  • Advice on parenting for dads, mums and carers
  • Fun activities for dads, mums, carers and children
  • Sessions for babies and toddlers, where you can play and learn together
  • Early education for young children as they grow in confidence towards full-time school

Local schools are noticing the difference that the RISE Children’s Centres make. Children who join primary school from Children’s Centres have a positive attitude, are well prepared for school and really enjoy learning.

What about families?

Families are finding that it is easy to drop-in for healthcare and other services and activities. These include:

  • ‘Stop smoking’ advice and support groups
  • Faster access to expert advice and support if your child has learning difficulties or disabilities
  • Access to Citizens’ Advice and debt counselling
  • Access to advice on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles
  • Parenting classes – see the difference in your children’s behaviour as you grow in confidence in your parenting skills

Children Centres in East, South and West Wiltshire are provided by Spurgeons.  For more information about services in these areas please visit the Spurgeons website below.